2 Things Will Make Your New Year Resolutions Happen (Every Time)

2 Things Will Make Your New Year Resolutions Happen (Every Time)


Same procedure every year, James.

It’s a tradition to make New Year Resolutions, and then… break them. Let’s face it, most people never really make things happen. They do try. And they do fail. They want to quit smoking, change this, add this… become a better 3D artist. But in some weird way, it just doesn’t happen.

The reason is simple. And the solution even simpler.

First, most people set up bold goals. Good. Very good. Next, they try to jump, go cold turkey to reach them. Bad. Really, really bad. Why? Because it doesn’t work. And if you’ve tried, you know. The solution is to not focus on the goals, but instead on the daily routines, in such small increments, that it doesn’t fire off your alarm system. Set the sailes in the right direction, but go slow. Really slow. Make small changes. So small, they will almost feel invisible; almost ridiculous. But as you do them, you will actually suceeed reaching them, and feel real sustainable progress.

To your body, change is bad.

Change is potential danger, so it will kick you right back again. Things like anxiety, stress, fear, doubts, procrastination and logical reasoning why going back is a good thing–are all signs of your subconsious memory trying to get you back where you were. Our cells have a memory, they remember status quo. They remember the vibration and the energy. If you try to change that state too rapidly, you will fail in most cases. Because the sudden change of your cells vibration will feel uneasy to you. ¬†And even if you do succeed rapidly, most will give up later anyway, since they didn’t focus on the daily routines that actually change the state of our cells in small increments; and make the state permanent.

That’s why will power is a myth. It’s not real.

Real change, the one that lasts, happens slowly. It grows from within. It actually stimulates the growth of new neuron paths inside your brain. Your body is a living organism. It goes where you want to go, and it adjusts to it. You just need to work WITH it. Your brain is not the only smart component; every single cell is.

So, if you want to really REACH your 2015 goals, then work with your body, and not against it.

I’ve used this strategy to build my online business from zero to a 7-figure venture, brick by brick. Stone by stone. I’ve used it to get closer to my spouse. By doing small steps each and every day. And it works. Now, some change IS fast. Sometimes, the situation requires an immediate shift and it IS lined up with our bodies best intentions. But that’s not the change we’re addressing here. And deep inside, you know which is which.

Go small. Go every day. Make it a habbit. And change will follow faster then you think.

Happy New 2015!

– Val Cameron

Happily sharing how to create great 3D & 2D art in DAZ Studio, Lightwave and Photoshop, Val Cameron, CEO and founder of Dreamlight, has been coaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of artists since 2005. Bestselling DAZ 3D vendor with over 230+ video tutorials, plug ins and light sets.

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  1. John January 1, 2015 at 7:45 pm #

    Dear Val:
    I am having trouble logging into the “dreamlounge.com” account to received the courses that I purchased earlier today (3D Animation…..etc.) Please send instructions.because the “amember wedsite” close every time I attempt to log-in.
    Yours truly,
    email: hine1762@bellsouth.net

    • Val Cameron January 1, 2015 at 9:06 pm #

      Hi John, sorry for your trouble. Please connect with our support at the top of this page and they will assist.

  2. Riccardo January 2, 2015 at 4:24 pm #

    All this sounds really “James Clear” like. Is he the James addressed at the beginning?

    • Val Cameron January 2, 2015 at 8:05 pm #

      Hey Riccardo, the “James” reference at the beginning is from the famous b/w New Year english short movie, with the butler that gets drunk while serving the lady… ūüėČ

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