19 Crazy Images I’ll Bet You Won’t Believe Are NOT Photo Shopped



19 Crazy Images I’ll Bet You Won’t Believe Are NOT Photo Shopped

Not every one looks at the above image and sees some horrible looking demonic creature rushing across the sky! I did though, do you?

If not then, congratulations, your brain isn’t one of the many that project some sort of horror onto things you come across on a daily basis. For the rest of us: Yes, that’s an unaltered photo and some pretty cool CGI if you ask me — the picture was taken during an eruption of¬†Cordon Caulle.

cant_believe_it_is_not_photoshopped_Source: YouTube

The above photo looks so fake at a glance, I mean check out the strings that are so glaringly obvious eh? It just looks like someone is hanging a chair in front of an image of the earth. Except no…

This is in fact a still frame from a Toshiba commercial. The strings are connected to a weather balloon, which was used to hoist the chair into space! Who would have thought??


Source : AOL

A beached cruise ship? Seriously?? Well actually no, this is a hotel in South Korea called the Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht. It was built deliberately to look like it had been put there by some natural disaster.

These and so many other images like them are a source of great interest especially now when it is more the norm than not, for the images we come across online to be graphically manipulated in some way or another.

This article shows a full list of 19 such images and I found it to be a lot of fun ūüôā

Here is a short video with some more amazing images that are NOT photo shopped!

Have fun!

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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