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Surreal 3D Art


Create fabulous surreal DAZ Studio art with ease.

Product Description

Create fabulous surreal DAZ Studio art with ease.


“I have found your training to be well-designed, intelligent and if you’ll excuse the expression, “illuminating”, Angela Knight – New York Times bestselling author

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NOTE: Surreal 3D Art launched Sept 5 2014 and is fully delivered.

You get the following:

1. What is surreal art?

2. Various types of surreal art and how to transfer it into 3D

3. Specific DAZ Studio effects, such as morphing explained for insane sureal look and feel

4. Camera tricks and angles that enhance the surreal look and feel

5. Comprehensive step by step, making of 4 surreal images right inside DAZ Studio / photoshop

6. How to blend photos and 3D art to further enhance your work

7. Do’s and Don’ts of surreal art

…and more!

Above photographs are for reference only and as such do not represent the final quality or content of this training program.

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