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Surface Master – Pt 1


Master DAZ Studio surfaces and make your art pop like never before

If You’re Looking For A Way To Master How Your DAZ Studio Objects, Characters And Props LOOK Like, Then The Following Comprehensive, Step By Step Surfaces, Materials And Shaders Guide Will Make You KING…

Product Description

NOTE: This is part 1 of 2. Please read below for details on what is included in this part.

“I have found your training to be well-designed, intelligent and if you’ll excuse the expression, “illuminating”, Angela Knight – New York Times bestselling author

High quality 1280 x 720 HD video tutorials in downloadable WMV / MP4

  1. Three things you didn’t know about DS surfaces, that will instantly make you “KING of the hill”
  2. Step by step, from the basics to advanced settings and options
  3. How to alter props and characters you already have and make them unique and superior to everything else out there
  4. Everything you need to know about the DS Surfaces Tab
  5. Everything you need to know about DS shaders, how to build them from scratch and how to adjust them
  6. Create realistic metal, stone, water, skin, hair, clothes, silk, car paint and more!
  7. Control how surfaces behave with light and shadows
  8. The secret to making shadow catching surfaces
  9. Control reflection, refraction, bump, displacement, opacity, diffuse, specular and normal maps
  10. Master tiling

BONUS: How to use ready to use textures, or create your own from scratch to make a 100% unique look and feel
…and more!

Part 1 includes modules 1 – 3 of 6.

Modules 4-6 will be included in part 2 of this training program.

The full version of this program will include both parts, modules 1 – 6.

  • 01.01 – Shader Concept Definition
  • 01.02 – Shaders, Tools and Material Setting Test
  • 01.03 – Model Master Bonus – Overview
  • 01.04 – Model Master Bonus – What Are Surfaces and Materials in DS and Poser?
  • 01.05 – Model Master Bonus – Working with Surfaces and Smoothing Angles
  • 01.06 – Model Master Bonus – Diffuse Specular and Ambient Channel
  • 01.07 – Model Master Bonus – Bump Map, Displacement Map & Normal Map Channels
  • 01.08 – Model Master Bonus – Reflection and Refraction Channel
  • 01.09 – Model Master Bonus – Opacity/Transparency Channel
  • 01.10 – Surfaces Tab Magic


  • 02.01 – Introduction To Shader Builder
  • 02.02 – Building A Basic Shader
  • 02.03 – Building A Simple Water Shader


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Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to take your DAZ Studio art to the next level…

I’ll see you on the other side!

Yours in a bright future,

Val Cameron – Dreamlight


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