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3D Time Saver: Get More Done In Less Time


Turbo Charge Your 3D Workflow, And Get More Done In Less Time. Experience Up To 3-10 Times Render And Design Speed.


Product Description

Compatible Software:

Generic training conducted in DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Knowledge can be applied to any software.


Are you fed up with long render times? Tired of spending 13 hours on the same scene? Experiencing crawling PC design speed, due to low RAM or an older PC? Are your animations taking forever? Lights and shadows doing their thing too long?

Well, consider that history… When you tap into the amazing, bone crushing tricks and strategies of 3D Time Saver, you’ll need to buckle up… because you’re about to experience 3-10 times faster design and render times.

With DAZ 3D bestselling professional 3D artist and 3D coach, Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar B. from Dreamlight.


Provided in high quality HD 1280 x 720 streaming video. Downloadable WMV + MP4 version of each video.

Breakdown of the 3D Time Saver Training Program:

  • HD 1280 x 720 High Quality WMV + MP4 Video
  • A Total Of 4.5 Hours Total Length
  • DAZ Studio 4.5 Specific, Although 90% Can Be Applied To Any 3D Application
  • 6 Module + Bonus Module Training Program
  • Module 1: Optimal DS Render, Light And Shadow Settings, 41 min
  • Module 2: Layering Secrets, Divide Your Renders In Parts And Combine Them In Photoshop / The Gimp For Crazy Rendering Savings, With Previously Not Seen Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind, 57 min
  • Module 3: Pseudo 3D (2.5D), The Magical Zone Between Two Worlds, Save Tons Of Time And Memory By Mixing 2D And 3D, 49 min
  • Module 4: Shadow Magic, Speed Shadows Up Or Create Them With ZERO Rendering Time, 52 min
  • Module 5: Scene And Object Magic, Dirty Tricks That Will Save Insane Amounts Of Render Time And Save Your Tons Of Memory, 34 min
  • Module 6: Texture Magic, Literally Save Memory And Gain Speed With Minimal Effort, 19 min
  • Bonus Module: Export To Other Applications And Using Render Farms For Even More Time Savings, 21 min

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