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3D Space Battle Master


From Never Seeing a 3D Software, To Stunning 3D Space Battle Scenes Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Was Possible… Your Sci-Fi Dreams Are About To Come True!


Product Description

Compatible Software:

Generic training conducted in DAZ Studio with references to Lightwave, although the techniques can be applied to any 3D / 2D software.


From Never Seeing a 3D Software, To Stunning 3D Space Battle Scenes Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Was Possible… Your Sci-Fi Dreams Are About To Come True!

Are you a hobby or professional artist tired of trial and error and inconsistent sci-fi space battle renders or maybe someone who’s never seen a 3D software before, looking for a way create stunning 3D sci-fi image, but feel handicapped, frustrated and don’t know where to start?

This training teaches how you can create still 3D images, although you can apply the same techniques to animation.

Dreamlight’s 3D training is exactly how I would teach someone to do it. The expert advice is obviously derived from years of practical experience. Having someone to show you how to light and then explain why things work is the fastest way to truly learn the in’s and out’s of this essential skill.” Michael Ambruso – Professional 3D Artist

Breakdown of the 3D Space Battle Master Training Program:

Module 1: The Angles

This module will explain why the angles are so critical and I’ll share all my tricks to stunning sci-fi battle camera work and space ship posing. You will also learn what you need to know about the 3D software, and how to quickly create planets, backgrounds and complete scenes.

01.00 – Module 1 Overview
01.01 – Taking a look at classical sci-fi battle scenes
01.02 – DAZ Studio software application
01.03 – Creating backgrounds and planets
01.04 – Adding spaceships
01.05 – The secrets to spaceship angles
01.06 – The secrets to capturing the battle: The camera

Module 2: The Lights

Lighting will either break or make your sci-fi renders. This chapter will focus on specific tricks to 3D space battle rendering.

02.00 – Module 2 Overview
02.01 – Specific light concepts for 3D space battle images
02.02 – Light examples
02.03 – Rendering using DAZ Studio native render engine
02.04 – Rendering using DAZ Studio Reality / Lux Render
02.05 – Rendering in Lightwave

Module 3: The Aftermath

Focusing on specific postwork techniques, to make your sci-fi renders POP and stand out from the crowd.

03.00 – Module 3 Overview
03.01 – What postwork can do for your sci-fi renders
03.02 – Overall enhancing
03.03 – Adding laser beams
03.04 – Adding explosions
03.05 – Adding motion blur

Bonus Module: Real Example (coming shortly)

An in-depth behind the scenes look at a space battle render from start to finish

Dreamlight 3D Club Bonuses:

BONUS: Forum Support – Get your modeling questions answered!

BONUS: Additional access to over 90+ Gb of video tutorials and ebooks. Learn:

  • Surface settings so that you make the most of your models
  • Camera composition so you show off your models the right way
  • Animation, including how to light animations and moving objects
  • Gallery: Post your renders and get them reviewed each month with a live webinar, where I give specific light feedback live and interactive
  • Making of videos and ebooks, including modeling
  • Layering and composition, including lighting
  • Post-work in Photoshop and The Gimp, including lighting effects
  • Free light products, props and photos
  • Figure posing
  • 3D Modeling
  • UV mapping and texturing
  • Selling your props
  • Where to get a free 3D software and how to get started right away

And more!

BONUS: Entire Light Master Training Program

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